About Bees

Why Bees Matter

Click on the bee to learn why bees are so important to the way we live and why they need our help. 

Bee-friendly Flowers

Click on the bee to find out what flowers are best (and not so good) for bees and other pollinators.

Pollinator-friendly Practices

Click on the bee to learn fun and easy ways you can help make a better garden space for pollinators to visit. 

Pollinator Identification

Click on the bee and let these handy identification charts help you know which speicies of bumblebees and pollinators are visiting your flowers. 

Friends of Bees


Click on the bee to see a list of organizations that do some great things for pollinators with a wonderful amount of information. 

Host a Bumblebee Colony!


Do you live in West London? Have a small back garden? Click on the bee for an opportunity to host a bumblebee colony right at your home. Help science, bees and your flowers!