About Us

We are the Bee Sensory and Behavioral Ecology Lab based at Queen Mary University of London. We are especially interested in how vision, olfaction, communication and learning behaviour are tuned to the environment, and how they are used in the economy of nature. Our goal for the London Pollinator Project is to communicate with the public how important bees are to us, why they need our help, and what we can do to help them (and us!). 

Our Aims

Inform the public about the plight of pollinators and the resulting risks for food security.


Encourage the public to plant and seed pollinator-friendly plants in their gardens and on balconies or roof terraces.


Engage the public to plant-pollinator interactions using competitions revolving around pollinators, plants and their interactions. 

Events & Workshops
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Thanks so much for everyone who showed up to our first workshop. We feel it was a great success. However, we really want to continue to communicate the importance of bees and how to help. Please help by spreading the word.  

Bee-friendly Garden and Bee Spotting Photo Contest

Plant bee-friendly flowers in your back garden, on your balcony, roof terrace or windowsill to help our UK native bees. Between June 21, 2016 and August 21, 2016 take a photo of your garden and/or visiting wild bees and submit via our website to have a chance at £100. Also keep watch for any QMUL tagged bees for a chance to win. Click on the tagged bee for more details. 

Second Workshop

In late August we will hold a second workshop in East London to get feedback from you about the project and to share with you the results of the competitions and bee tagging experiment. Please register to receive an email about the upcoming event.