Bee Spotting and Bee-friendly Garden Competition

Congratulations to the Winners!

Best London bee-friendly garden photo
(T. X Lan Luu)

Best tagged-bee on a London flower photo 

(Andrea Grant)

Most tagged bees spotted
(Dilem Cantay)

Thank you all who contributed to the bee tagging project and the photo contest. Our native bees and we all appreciate what you've done. You can continue to help our native bees by planting bee-friendly flowers on your own balcony, windowsil, roof terrace, or in your back garden all year round. Please check back in late winter for project updates.

Our Project: Helping You Help Pollinators

Plant pollinator friendly flowers

Our main goal is to encourage more people to plant pollinator friendly flowers in their own greenspaces. By planting bee-friendly flowers you are providing valuable nectar and pollen resources to our native bees. Click on the map to see what others have planted and where our tagged bees have been spotted.

Raise awareness about bee research

The aim of tagging bees is to raise awareness about the type of research we do and to view bees as more than just unthinking machines. They have complex brains and memories, are able to make decisions and can navigate kilometers around the city to find the best flowers and still find their way back home. Visit our lab's website to find out more about bees and what we do. 

Observe pollinator-plant interactions

Many complex wonders can occur in your own back garden when the right flowers are planted. Spotting our tagged bees will help give an idea of how far, where and on what plants urban bees tend to forage. Set up your own experiments by observing these tagged bees in your garden.  Click on the button for ideas. 

More flowers for wild UK native bees

The best way we can help UK native bees is through pollinator friendly garden practices, including planting bee-friendly flowers. Get involved today! Start planting, do good, take some fun photos and maybe even win a prize for your do-goodery! Please note that we are not adding any bees to the wild, and you shouldn't either. Doing so would not help native bee populations. We are using and tagging only wild-caught bee colonies.

Check out these fabulous UK based online plant shops dedicated to bee-friendly flowers and helping our UK native bees! 

*Photos (submitted via our website) will be required for eligibility (professional photography not required). Anyone involved in the London Pollinator project is not eligible for prizes. For 'Best London bee-friendly garden photo' and 'Best tagged-bee on a London flower photo' only one photo submission allowed per person and only London postcodes are eligible for prizes. For 'Most tagged-bees spotted', repeated sightings of the same bee do not count towards total number of bees spotted. However, we do encourage each and every tagged-bee spotting to be recorded via our website. Judging will be done by the Sensory and Behavioral Ecology Lab Team. Contest runs from June 21, 2016 to August 21, 2016. Winners will be announced by September 7, 2016.