Science Project Ideas

Are you interested in what bees do, how pollinators interact with plants and what goes on in the miniature world of your garden? Between June 21, 2016 and August 21, 2016 keep a lookout for QMUL tagged bees and any wild pollinators in your urban greenspaces. Then design your own science projects, start observing and ask questions! Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Click below for a UK bumblebee identification chart from the Natural History Museum.

Does a tagged bee return regularly to your flower patch? If so, what does this tell you about a bee's memory for places?
Does each bee just visit one species of flower? Why? Or why not?
What colors and shapes does she visit most often?
What species of flowers does she tend to forage on the most?
How many flowers does she visit on each trip before returning home?
Are there differences in how she approaches and handles flowers? If so, why?
How long does it take for the tagged bee to come back to the same flower patch?
In what direction does she fly after she has finished foraging?
How many different species of insect forage on each type of flower? 
Do different species of insect interact on flowers? Why or why not?

Click below to download a UK pollinator and pollinator-friendly plant identification chart from Opal Explore Nature.

Click below to learn about our bee research.

Take a photo of your bee-friendly garden, any tagged bees you see. Submit them for a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher.