Bee-friendly (and not so friendly) flowers

Basics for bee friendly flowers:


To help out our bee friends the most, try to provide bee-friendly flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar and that the bees can easily access from spring until late summer, ensuring pollen when they need it most. Things to remember when planting flowers for bees:


The more suitable flowering plants you have in your garden the better. Obviously you should plant what you want for food and asthetic purposes, but you should have at least two kinds of bee-friendly plant for each flowering period. 



Things to avoid:


The shape of some flowers make it difficult or impossible for bumblebees to use. For example, flower petals that form long tunnels can bee too long or narrow for the bees to feed from. Similarly, flowers with multiple tightly packed heads offer little access to the food that the bees need. 


Some flowers are not suitable for bees because they produce little to no pollen and nectar. This is often a result from selective breeding for a pleasing appearance. Pansies,  double begonias and similar species offer little for bumblebees.




Resources for bee-friendly flowers and bee-unfriendly flowers are abound. Here are some of our friends websites for loads more information on what flowers to plant, and not plant, to best help bees throughout the year. 

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